SafeSea E100/E100G

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SafeSea E100/E100G
SafeSea E100/E100G
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SafeSea E100/E100G

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The SafeSea E100 & E100G EPIRBs have been designed and are engineered to meet the needs of all commercial, fishing, and offshore recreational vessels

  • Choice of GPS and non-GPS models
  • E100G EPIRB incorporates a state of the art 50 channel GPS receiver for fast and accurate position acquisition
  • Manual bracket, manual release housing, and float free housing options
  • Extreme battery life even at low temperatures
  • In excess of 96 hours of operation
  • User-replaceable batteries with five-year replacement interval
  • Intuitive operating controls protected from accidental activation
  • Meets or exceeds all International standards
  • Class 2 EPIRB (-20°C – +55°C) for general use
  • Non-hazardous battery

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