Arid Bilge Dryer

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Arid Bilge Dryer
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Arid Bilge Dryer

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Arid Bilge systems is able to vacuum up to 100ft, accommodating bow, mid, and stern. Vacuuming that pesky bilge fluid from multiple locations, all into one central location, disposing it overboard before it damages the vessel.

Our technology creates an internal vacuum, able in dealing with all types of fluids (some grades of acid too) the Arid Bilge Systems last for years before minimal maintenance.

We have the added feature of separating the bilge oil/ hydrocarbons 100% before discharged overboard (Eco- friendly discharge companion). Owner/ crew is able to dispose of the oil properly, instead of dumping it in our oceans, giving you a clearer conscience during your boating journey.

From typical cleaning chores to in-depth bilge maintenance, Arid makes any cleaning job on the boat a breeze. Hosing off your engine room has always been an unpleasant task, reaching down to the bottom of your bilge, vacuuming the smelly liquid away with a wet vac is a painful hassle. But with an Arid we make it fun! And in our biased opinion very satisfying.

Making the boating journey that much easier/enjoyable!

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