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Anchoring with Ultra Anchor

The word "Anchor" is very significant, both in the marine industry and beyond. Many of us in our daily lives use the term anchor because an anchor represents strength and stability. On the water, our vessel is held firmly in place by the anchor. 

Let's begin by looking at how an anchor works. An anchor penetrates the seafloor; in doing so, the suction creates resistance from the material in which it embeds on the seabed. As the boat moves naturally with the force of wind or while applying power, the anchor digs deeper into the subsurface, thus creating more holding power. 

Captains rely heavily on an anchor's ability to hold a vessel in high winds and shifting tides without dragging. In crowded harbors, danger can quickly escalate with an improperly set anchor.  When taking into consideration the proximity of neighboring boats, the anchorage can promptly become a pinball machine.  A shore-side excursion via a tender is an exciting adventure to new destinations. Unfortunately, the unimaginable has become a reality; upon returning, they find that the boat has drifted away. It is imperative to not only invest in a quality anchor but also to understand how to secure the vessel properly. 

If you're in the market for a new anchor, it is essential to consider the type of metal it is composed of and the holding power. Yacht Gurus offers a top of the line product manufactured by Ultra Marine West, and it is called the Ultra Anchor. The Ultra Anchor is composed of 316 Stainless Steel, which has the most exceptional resistance to corrosion. Ultra Marine West stands behind their product and offers a lifetime warranty. 

As we know, vessels vary in shapes, lengths, and hull type. Ultra Anchor offers products suited to a wide range of vessel types, including monohull sailboats, multihull sailboats, high profile powerboats, low profile power boats, and multihull powerboats.  When taking into account the length of the vessel, Ultra Anchor features a range of options from fourteen feet up to 186 feet and weighing between 11 pounds and 800 pounds. When determining what application best suits your needs, the Yacht Gurus team will accurately match your hull style and length to the complementing anchor weight.

The Ultra Anchor has patented design elements that set them apart from the competition.  These patented features include a concave base with large side wings to maximize the ability to hold in shifting wind and tides,  a tip which is lead filled for quick penetration, and a hollowed-out shank to optimize weight distribution. 

Many factors influence the ability of an anchor to hold. One of these factors is the scope of the chain laid. The goal is to make the pull as horizontal as possible. In doing so, the minimum recommendation is five feet of chain per one foot of depth.  When anchoring in an unconfined space and with the risk of high wind or strong tides, a scope of seven to one is most appropriate. A critical factor is reducing the amount of upward pull applied to the anchor as it is more likely to break free.

Another highly advanced product offered by Ultra Marine West is the Ultra Anchor Flip Swivel. Like the anchor, the Ultra Flip Swivel is composed of 316 Stainless Steel. The anchor swivel construction is virtually seamless; it permits a connection of the chain directly to the anchor, thus avoiding additional shackles, safety wires, or locking pins. The swivel also allows for a complete 360-degree rotation by employing a unique flipping nub for ease of positioning the anchor in the bow roller. Ultra Anchor Flip Swivel is compatible with Ultra Anchors ranging from 26 pounds up to 800 pounds. In most cases, the swivel boasts a higher breaking strength than the affixed chain. Ultra Marine West offers a five-year warranty on all Ultra Anchor Flip Swivels. 

In addition to the key components, Ultra Marine West features a line of products to aid in varying anchoring situations. These include Ultra Trip Hook, Ultra Chain Grab, Ultra Anchor Ring, and Ultra Flat Rope Reel. 

-The Ultra Trip Hook is a tool to free your anchor when trapped by the anchor of another tightly anchored vessel.

-The Ultra Chain Grab is a high tech snubber line. The pressure applied when anchoring transfers from the windlass to a mooring cleat. The design allows the user to hook the head of the chain grab onto the anchor chain, which stays attached when the anchor is lowered into the water. This product is available for chains ranging from 1/4"-3/4" diameters. 

-Ultra Anchor Ring provides a solution to confined anchorage areas by reducing the scope needed for safe anchoring. The weighted ring clips to the anchor chain to reduce the angle in which the chain lays. Other benefits include reduced movement at anchor and doubles as a tool in anchor retrieval. The ring comes in various weights matched to suit anchors between 60 and 176 pounds. 

-The Ultra Line Flat Rope Reel is the perfect solution to both stern anchoring or aft mooring. The reel easily mounts to a bulkhead or stand rail; however, it is not load-bearing. When in use, the line must be secured to a cleat. The product comes with the option of either a floating or sinking line material and in varying lengths. 

To complete all of your anchoring needs, Ultra Marine West also offers bow rollers and stainless steel anchor chain. The Ultra Bow Roller is available in many different sizes to accept Ultra Anchors from eighteen pounds up to 600 pounds. Ultra Marine West's Stainless Steel Chain design allows for increased chain collapse to improve the function of the windlass. The chain may be obtained in six diameters and manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel. 

When it comes to selecting anchors and its associated components for your vessel, Ultra Marine West offers the most advanced technology and combines it with the highest quality materials. Because of the variation in sizes and weights for many products they offer, it is best to trust a professional at Yacht Gurus. The Yacht Gurus team will size all of the components appropriately to your vessel to achieve the best holding power. Once the correct size specifications are matched, Yacht Gurus will meticulously install the Ultra Marine West anchoring system. Give us a call at (954-348-4894) and trust us to all of your anchoring needs.

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